From my heart to yours.

This book changed my life.
I started reading this last weekend and I’m pretty much almost finished. I love how motivational this book is. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about following your passion at any age; she talks about learning to face your fears and take risks.
Which is everything we’ve already been taught and told, but she just made me realize it once again. I especially like how she explains that your passion should be a part of your life and that you should dedicate your creativity at every moment you possibly can even if you aren’t a success with it. Makes sense: If there’s something you enjoy doing then do it despite what others make you think and believe. Despite if you’re not a success at it anymore or at all.
Art is my passion.

It’s always been my passion.
And, no, I’m not making any money off it, but I still enjoy doing it and I still enjoy sharing it with my friends…and the best part is they support me. That’s currency enough for me to make even more Valentine cell banners.


From my heart to yours.

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