Shell Frame


Summer has officially ended and the public school year began. To remember this summer, I’ve created a shell frame for a picture that summarizes my favorite memories: the beach.

Virginia Beach doesn’t have the best seashells, but they’re precious nonetheless. I collected broken, imperfect seashells for this frame. I used watercolor paints to color the shells; watercolor dries fast and gives it a pretty color. Lastly, I glued the  (dry) shells using tacky glue on a $1 wooden frame I painted blue.

Simple and easy craft that both adults & children enjoy creating.





Aquarium Jars

The school supplies are on sale and parents are filling their shopping carts with binders, lined paper, pencils, & rulers. It’s the sad realization that summer is slowly fading away and work is about to begin again. Fortunately, you can have summer on your desk while doing that math homework page and reading your book with this summer craft: an aquarium jar!

The children had a lot of fun creating this craft. It’s fairly inexpensive, customizable, & easy!

Mason Jar
Toy Sharks/Dolphins/Sea Life Creatures
Fish Tank Rocks
Fish Tank Plants
Blue Food Coloring

1. Fill mason jar up a quarter of the way with rocks.
2. Decorate your aquarium jar with seashells, sea life creatures, & fish tank plants. Tuck into rocks to secure them in.
3. In a pitcher, fill up with water & add blue food coloring.
4. Slowly pour the blue water into the jar. Your aquarium decorations might move and float around, so just be mindful of where you pour your water and you can always fix your decorations after filling up the jar.
5. Screw lid on tight and you’re done!

Most of the supplies I’ve found at the dollar store and arts & craft stores.
Enjoy summer all year long!

**Do not use this as a home for real fish or sea creatures. They will probably die.

The Bee & The Biscuit

The Bee & The Biscuit is located in the countryside of Pungo, Virginia Beach! Opened this summer The Bee & The Biscuit offers breakfast & lunch Tuesday – Saturday. The atmosphere feels comforting with a cottage-style architecture. I ordered a breakfast meal with yummy blueberry pancakes. There’s also an assortment of mimosas (a mimosa flight!), bloody mary cocktails, & a coffee bar to accompany your breakfast meal. There was so much to choose from omelettes to avocado toast to acai bowls. Lunch is also served with sandwiches & salads to choose from. 
Because life is too short, I got a dessert after breakfast and I regret nothing! It was between huge homemade cinnamon buns or this blueberry zucchini cupcake with a lemony cream cheese frosting. It was pretty yummy to be honest.
The Bee & The Biscuit is a fairly young restaurant, so there were a few kinks, but nothing to complain about. The wait-time was 10 mins we were told, but it was more like 15-20. And if you are a friendly person, then you wouldn’t mind the close seating arrangements and talking to your neighbors. This older couple recommended us another restaurant after conversing with us about our first time visiting The Bee & The Biscuit.
Before I left, I checked out the tea room. It’s a quaint room that screams country-tea time.  I was informed that there would be a children’s birthday tea party the next day. I would love to try this tea room out one day for an afternoon tea time party with friends.
All-in-all, The Bee & The Biscuit was a charming visit for breakfast. Despite waiting longer than expected to get seated, I can’t wait to go back because it was worth the wait. 

Life is amazing.

There’s a point in everyone’s lives where you feel stuck. For me, it’s happened multiple times. My feelings are always up and down, up and down. It gets quite annoying, but you don’t ever get used to it. A few months ago everything fell downward and my hope didn’t feel high. Then I traveled to Europe for the first time and felt like I lived through my own Eat, Pray, Love journey, and the trip reminded me of how amazing life is. But the biggest therapy is the beach. I could watch the sunrise every day if I lived within walking distance from the beach. Watching the sunrise is mesmerizing and it never gets old. This summer I hoped that the salty water, hot sunshine, & inconsistent waves set me free. Moreover, I have a lot to be thankful for and without a doubt I’m so happy for everything and everyone I have in my life. I just need a direction to keep me motivated. Until I’ve reached all of my goals: I will live my happy little life and blog about it. There’s so much happiness in my life. So, if you’re interested, I’m sharing my happiness with you with this blog. Enjoy and smile. Life really is amazing.

Spring Break!


Next week I plan on coloring in my new Lost Ocean coloring book, going to Richmond with friends, see a movie, go to Botanical Gardens with my mom, and relaxing with coffee & tea!

I’m the girl who ordered coffee on a Saturday night with friends in Vegas.

Hello, Spring!

Went up to DC this past weekend, but because of the cold weather the cherry blossoms hadn’t bloomed yet. However, at City Center, there’s a section of pink lanterns in celebration of the Cherry Blossom Festival. The pink lanterns lit up the cold, rainy day.
Speaking of spring and blooming, today I weeded out the front yard! I am going to plant flowers next week after buying some dirt. Wish me luck. I’ve never grown flowers successfully and this is my first *big* garden project. However, I’m still on cherry blossom watch for Red Wing Park here in VB. I can’t wait to see those bloom. Cherry Blossoms remind me of home in Japan. The pink blossoms make me happy and everything in life halts.