we go together…. like hot cocoa and marshmallows¬†

Nostalgia has sort-of a vacuum tunnel that pulls you back into the past. Moreover, it has sort-of a desirable taste like how I can’t stop eating popcorn. All it took was a spark for me to reopen that chapter in my past and start making me miss it. I know what’s done is done and I should just leave it alone. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last few years. But sometimes, you just can’t help it…what if that chapter never closed? Or what if that chapter reappeared in another? Let’s close it, again.

I need to sleep with a humidifier now. The air is dry now that the cooler weather has set it (jerk) and my throat is sore because of it. I love that I can wear warmer clothes now; I must find that purple coat-like dress that I bought two winters ago ¬†to wear! Last winter was a mild one and I never got to put it to good use. Wait, it isn’t winter…it’s only Autumn. Oy, vey. It’s going to be a long four months for me. But as long as the sun is out, I’ll be good.

Ever feel that way about the sun? I always associate the sun as optimism. In paintings I used to draw years ago, if I drew a girl…she would always be in an orange dress. Orange makes me feel warm. There are so many things to look forward to and digging into the past only yields those future adventures. And as time goes on, it makes it easier to shut that chapter faster.

What’s done is done. I know.
Sometimes I just wish the past cared enough to reappear.

Anyway, I heard marshmallows help cure sore throats? Someone care to test that with me? Mhmm. I’ll eat marshmallows regardless.

Happy Monday.
Eat a marshmallow.


Is it just me–or did it get significantly colder after Sandy rolled through? All of a sudden I’m bundled up in my fleece jacket, favorite navy blue scarf, and layers underneath. It feels like fall which means winter is just around the corner. I sure hope it snows… it would make this cold weather feel worth living through.
My name is Barbs. I’m more of a summer girl — if my sarcasm was too soft in the first paragraph and you didn’t notice. I am 20-something and live on the east coast in Virginia. Virginia has been my home since 1999 where I moved from the other side of the world Japan. I love coffee, sunshine, art, travel, romcoms, New Girl, and social networking.
I’ve been a blogger for years, but recently took a break these past couple years. Life happened, but it wasn’t exciting enough to want to blog about it. Haha. Not that my life has suddenly changed, but I remember how much I enjoyed blogging. Especially the social aspect. I love to meet new people and talk about things we have in common; I’ve made a lot of online friends all over the world!
What I hope to bring to this blog, besides friendship, is arts & crafts and pictures of food….and a little bit of fun, happy, inspirational, & silly things about life.

I’m happy to be back!