Spring Break!


Next week I plan on coloring in my new Lost Ocean coloring book, going to Richmond with friends, see a movie, go to Botanical Gardens with my mom, and relaxing with coffee & tea!

I’m the girl who ordered coffee on a Saturday night with friends in Vegas.

Hello, Spring!

Went up to DC this past weekend, but because of the cold weather the cherry blossoms hadn’t bloomed yet. However, at City Center, there’s a section of pink lanterns in celebration of the Cherry Blossom Festival. The pink lanterns lit up the cold, rainy day.
Speaking of spring and blooming, today I weeded out the front yard! I am going to plant flowers next week after buying some dirt. Wish me luck. I’ve never grown flowers successfully and this is my first *big* garden project. However, I’m still on cherry blossom watch for Red Wing Park here in VB. I can’t wait to see those bloom. Cherry Blossoms remind me of home in Japan. The pink blossoms make me happy and everything in life halts. 


Between the different social media accounts and life, it’s had to keep up with a blog when there’s something much simpler to use. But, I really do want to blog more often. I used to have so much joy blogging and writing in a public diary form. But life has been busy these past few weeks from spending time with my boyfriend before he left the country to trying to make money because my career-life is going downhill to getting back into the habit of going to the gym and getting my health back in order.

The one thing I haven’t stopped is creating art: illustrator, painting, drawing… it’s something I still do that I enjoy and feel very proud of in my menial life. Writing is a form of therapy and release, so besides taking up yoga again: I will blog again. Mainly for me. You make your own happiness.