Aquarium Jars

The school supplies are on sale and parents are filling their shopping carts with binders, lined paper, pencils, & rulers. It’s the sad realization that summer is slowly fading away and work is about to begin again. Fortunately, you can have summer on your desk while doing that math homework page and reading your book with this summer craft: an aquarium jar!

The children had a lot of fun creating this craft. It’s fairly inexpensive, customizable, & easy!

Mason Jar
Toy Sharks/Dolphins/Sea Life Creatures
Fish Tank Rocks
Fish Tank Plants
Blue Food Coloring

1. Fill mason jar up a quarter of the way with rocks.
2. Decorate your aquarium jar with seashells, sea life creatures, & fish tank plants. Tuck into rocks to secure them in.
3. In a pitcher, fill up with water & add blue food coloring.
4. Slowly pour the blue water into the jar. Your aquarium decorations might move and float around, so just be mindful of where you pour your water and you can always fix your decorations after filling up the jar.
5. Screw lid on tight and you’re done!

Most of the supplies I’ve found at the dollar store and arts & craft stores.
Enjoy summer all year long!

**Do not use this as a home for real fish or sea creatures. They will probably die.

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