Whole30 Meals

Recently I began a journey with Whole30. I haven’t completely dedicated myself to it, but I have made a lot of my meals at home Whole30 approved. I love that it’s about eating whole foods such as veggies, fruits, & meat…that simple! Here are a few of my favorite meals I’ve eaten. The only thing I can’t take is no dairy, hummus, or peanut butter (and chocolate/sugar, but that’s just bad overall anyway).

Whole30 isn’t a diet–it’s more of an elimination of the “bad” foods in our diets and eating clean. Basically, cleaning out your diet.

My favorite breakfast: sweet potato hash with a fried egg and veggies! I usually eat a bowl of cuties & strawberries along side with it. And green tea/coldbrew coffee.
Haven’t found a favorite lunch, but I do love green salad and tuna boats (tuna mixed with avocado and onions).

And my favorite dinner: spaghetti squash with chicken meatballs! For my dinners, I’ve eaten a lot of kale, sweet potato, & butternut squash meals. Delish!

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