List of Adventures, not Resolutions.

1. I’m trying this whole Whole30 thing, but I don’t know if I can fully do it. Which doesn’t make sense at all because it won’t be beneficial. SO my goal is to make a majority of my meals clean & Whole30 and exercise. I have no problem giving up soda & fried foods, but chocolate will be a problem. Carbs might be hard to an extent until I’m craving chocolate chip cookies. Look, I’m already stressed about dieting. I’m just going to try my best and eat as healthy (which is pretty easy because I love healthy food) and exercise. I want to get into swimming, so after buying a swim cap, I will do some laps in my gym’s pool. There.

2. I’ve already created greeting cards. I just need to find a good printer to print them at a good price. I want to create digital art and stamping for my greeting cards. I would love for this to be my second/part-time job because I’ve been wanting to make extra money on the side…and this is something I absolutely enjoy and love.

3. Bake macarons. Because they’re cute and pretty and yummy.

4. SUP. I’m saving up for a good paddleboard! So I can go out in the ocean while boyfriend is surfing and I can gaze at dolphins and search for my mermaid family.

5. Travel somewhere new! Anywhere! Fun! Memories! Pictures! FOOD.

6. Floss daily because it’s healthy.

7. Read more books. It’s had for me to find a good book to start and finish, so I hope I can try as many books as I can!

8. Visit every coffee shop. No description necessary for this one. Just know that the thing in parenthesis is a joke. I’m going to need an entire kitchen for my mug collection.

9. Stop overthinking. It’s a battle for me and I need to learn to chill & relax this year.

10. Less alcohol. New Year’s reminded me why I don’t like drinking anymore. I’ve been opting out of drinking a lot lately, but I don’t want it any more >_____<

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