To Paint

I felt a bit off and “sad” yesterday, so I did a little bit of painting and retail therapy. The best parts of yesterday was creating a painting that I love and realizing that I fit a size 4 in jeans! I guess my money will be going into a new jean wardrobe soon 🙂

My “sad” day confirmed my realization on something that I need to confess. And with my “live in the moment” lifestyle, I am confident in confessing it. Not online, but just know it’s something that is weighing my mind and my “sad” day confirmed my decision 🙂

Happy Monday 🙂

2 Replies to “To Paint”

  1. I absolutely love that. The teal really brings it together, I think!

    I need to hunker down and buy new jeans, too. Since pregnancy, my hips and butt are not like they were before and so a lot of my jeans don't fit right. Gah!

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