The scent of pumpkin and spice lingers in the air as I am writing out Christmas cards to friends. It’s a tradition that I always enjoy doing because I get to pick out cute holiday cards and write out fancy fonts! Writing out cards or snail mail has that sort-of spark that makes you feel young again. Receiving a handwritten letter makes you feel even more special. I have so many letters that my friends and I used to write to each other as a child: they’re stashed in a magazine-collaged Nike shoebox. My heart can’t bare to toss them. When my dad went out to sea, he would send me birthday cards and postcards that I still have til today. Letters just make you feel warm when you receive and when you send a letter out.

Christmas card writing is one of my favorite holiday traditions.
What are your favorites?

3 Replies to “Traditions.”

  1. Putting a tree up on the day after Thanksgiving! I miss doing it w/ my mom so much. And I haven't had a tree in a few years! I look forward to next Christmas, hopefully Daniel will be less destructive in the face of a giant tree in the living room…

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