Fun times!
I’m went up north for the weekend with this crew of friends. The main focus of this weekend was Crafty Bastards that was located at Union Station. I’ve gone to Crafty Bastards for the past couple of years and this year they moved it to Union Station. It was super crowded (almost…well, uncomfortably crowded) and the lines to awesome food spots in Union Station were probably 1-hour long. Nonetheless, I enjoyed all of the vendors and got to see a few of my favorite crafters! I purchased two wonderful items:

deer earrings from fig & ginger
my favorite animal!

a cup of tea plushie by mypapercrane
love! i wanted hot cocoa, but it was sold out!

After Crafty Bastards, we got on the Metro and headed to Dupont Circle for Shake Shack! Now, if there was one meal that I could eat for the rest of my life without gaining weight: it would be a good cheeseburger & fries. Shake Shack definitely has awesome burgers.

After our DC fun, we headed back to Annapolis where we enjoyed the rest of our trip making fun memories: shopping, sushi, Ikea, breakfast for dinner, Jose, & Once Upon a Time.
I love my friends.

pumpkin waffles, apple maple bacon, sausage & cream cheese crescent rolls, & special scrambled eggs 🙂

The car ride home was beautiful with autumn-lined tress. Be jealous, west coast: you may have my idea of perfect weather, but the east has an actual Autumn 😉

virginia is for lovers
Hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂

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