When I was back in high school, I used to be in the Marching Band. In fact, I played the clarinet from 6th grade to 12th grade. It was fabulous and I made so many wonderful memories! What was so much fun was going on band trips every weekend for competitions. During some weekends, we would stay at hotels for the competition. Unfortunately, this is when the panic Barb began and stress levels strengthened…I would get paranoid that I’d forgotten something at home…something important like my toothbrush or hair straightener. So I learned to create lists. I’m a planner, so lists became my thing.

I’m going away this weekend, and this quirk of mine is still in me. However, this time I decided to doodle a list of things that I need instead of writing one out. This is a much more fun way to being paranoid. Unfortunately, I feel like I’m missing a lot of things…am I?

Instagram (IG) introduced web profiles! For those of you on IG, feel free to follow me at dearbarbz 🙂 I’m pretty much obsessed. Unfortunately the mobile version of it kind of irks me, so I’ll admire this feature on my MBP. It looks much better in Chrome.

Anyway! This nippy weather for the beach in November has made me eat more chocolate than usual (do not look in my trash bin at the amount of wrappers thrown inside of it), so let me share a couple of kisses from me…


happy hump day.

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