Happy Election Day!
I hope you guys go out and vote, you registered voters! It took me an hour to stand in line and vote; I walked to my voting location in the cold! It’s super cold! When I pressed that “cast vote” button, I swear—I felt powerful.

So far my day has been going well. I did not get my coffee this morning because I planned to get an Americano (appropriate for today) and an oatmeal from Starbucks. Unfortunately, every American who needed their Starbucks fix thought to do the same thing when I decided to go. So, no coffee. And, I don’t know how that’ll affect my day. We shall see. I already feel like I need a nap after lunch.

Anyway, here’s some cake for everyone who has voted and braved the cold, penguin weather!

2 Replies to “Vote.”

  1. I'm kind of annoyed with myself… I didn't register to vote in this county when I moved. I am going to go after Gary gets off work, since like your place ours is in walking distance. I'm not holding my breath though. Oops.

    Hope you got your coffee by now!

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